Wednesday, November 16, 2016


                                         Tender Notice Creator is now renamed as Tender Notice and Resolution Maker . In this New version Resolution of Local Body with Tender Tabulation statement are incorporated. You can add the details in SAKARMA software by simply copy paste the matter as this is formed with unicode font.   . Using this tool you can prepare an ideal Tender notice including the Window advertisement for publishing in News paper. Cost of Tender form ,EMD are automatically generated as per the prevailing Govt. Orders.
                                             When you open the file you can see four sheets namely Home, Basic Data, Tender Notice and Window. In Home sheet You will get a clear idea about this programme .Open the next sheet  Basic Data.. Enter the relevent details in malayalam Unicode font . Enter the  corresponding serial No. in the Basic data Sheet.Remember to select whether E tender or Manual tender and Percentage BOQ or Item Rate BOQ in Basic Data Sheet so that the generation of Tender notice and other details are based on this selection.
                     In this New Version option is included to prepare the Tender Notice up to 100 Nos. of works. You can delete unnecessary rows after unprotect the "Tender Notice" Sheet by clicking on "Review " button at the Menu Bar. No password required .Also some correction are made in the Window Advertisement Sheet.
                                             Based on the details that you have entered the tender Notice and Window advertisement for Publishing in daily  are generated . As the programme is created in Malayalam you have to install the Anjali old lipi Malayalam unicode  font which is freely available  in your Computer.
               Maximum care has been taken for the accuracy of statements.  Any how the user should satisfy himself for the accuracy .If any discrepancy is noticed mail immediately  to and so we can correct the same in the next version.  If all are OK, take the print and convert to pdf file and upload to the LSGD site for publishing the Tender notice. I invite your valuable suggessions for improving this Excel tool. 
                      For downloading the programme please CLICK HERE.