Tuesday, June 15, 2010


ALLOTMENT MAKER  is a programme in Microsoft Excel format for preparing the allotment to implementing Officers with the apprpriation control Register in connection with the Peoples Planning Programme in Panchayats. While opening the  file You have  Seventeen Worksheets namely Home,VPFA Ii,VPFA II(1),Allotment VPFA II ,Categorywise VPFA II,VPFA III,VPFA III(1),Allotment VPFA III ,Categorywise VPFA III, VPFA IV,VPFA IV(1),Allotment VPFA IV ,Categorywise VPFA IV, VPFA V,VPFA V(1),Allotment VPFA V ,Categorywise VPFA V. In Home sheet You will get a clear idea about this programme  .Click on next sheet. Enter the relevent details in the respective coloumns of VPFA II fund which are self explanatory. Click on  sheet VPFA II(1) . Enter the details. Then on the sheet Allotment  VPFA II  you will get the allotment in VPFA II Funds by only entering the Sl.No. In Categorywise  sheet you will get the category wise details.Take the print. In the same way You can prepare the details of  VPFAIII,IV,and V
In Category A2 Sheet Enter the names of Implementing officers in the blue area so that you can select the same from dropdown menu. Enter the allotment details from the DDP in the green area .At the end of Financial year take the print of Cat. A1 and A2 sheets and bind the volume. You can use this as the Appropriation Control Register for A Fund. In the sameway prepare the Register for C Fund also.
 Maximum care has been taken for the accuracy of statements and calculations.  Any how the user should satisfy himself for the accuracy .If any discrepancy is noticed mail immediately  to pradeepenthulika@gmail.com and so we can correct the same in the next version
For downloading the programme please CLICK HERE.

If you have experience any problem or have any valuable suggessions please mail to pradeepenthulika@gmail.com  or dial to 9446242014  and leave your comments to the comment box below so that others can view your opinions

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  1. sir, how can enter OB in allotment maker.I can't see the prescribed column for enter it. please help
    arakkulam GP