Sunday, April 18, 2010


                                      TF (Treasury Form) Generator is an excel tool for preparing the Requisition, Authorisation, Proceedings of DDO ,59 C Bill and Treasury Chelans for remitting the Income Tax &VAT,Remittance of Retention,and other recoveries to the STSB Account of Local body   in connection with the Projects under Annual Plan of  Grama/Block/Jilla Panchayats and Municipalities and Corporations.

                       Now Govt. have directed to submit the bills in new Bill form 59C for Plan fund projects and the Head of Accounts are changed accordingly .Also the Core Banking system is introduced in all Treasuries and the practice of POC System is dropped. So proudly anouncing the new version of well known excel Tool TF Generator Ver.18 with new facilities .In this New version facility for adding any head of account ,VAT Chelan and Beneficiary Details  are included.
                   While opening the  file You have  Ten  Worksheets namely Home ,Basic Data, Requisition, Authorisation, proceedings of DDO,  TR 59C, Proceedings ,Chelan IT Chelan VAT,Beneficiary Details and  Receipt of Own fund Cheque . In Home sheet You will get a clear idea about this programme .Click on Basic data. Enter the relevant details in the respective columns which are self explanatory. Click on the Requisition sheet. Here you can see the Requisition of DDO in the approved form. You can take the print and ready for issue. Click on the other sheets .Here You have Authorisation, proceedings of DDO, and 59C bill for Treasury ,Chelan for remitting the Income Tax, Beneficiary details  and other recoveries to STSB account of Local body , and the Cheque Receipt including VAT Chelen .
               Maximum care has been taken for the accuracy of statements.  Any how the user should satisfy himself for the accuracy .If any discrepancy is noticed mail immediately  to and so we can correct the same in the next version
For downloading the programme please CLICK HERE.
If you have experience any problem or have any valuable suggessions please mail to   and leave your comments to the comment box so that others can view your opinions


  1. താങ്കളുടെ സേവനം മറ്റു ഡിപ്പാർട്ടുമെന്റുകൾക്കുകൂടി ലഭ്യമാക്കാൻ നടപടി സ്വീകരിക്കേണ്ടതാണ്
    മനോജ്( ഇറിഗേഷൻ ഡിപ്പാർട്ടുമെന്റു )

  2. Sir.
    In TF generator software can prepare IT , VAT Quarterly Returns statement?

  3. nice work , helps to reduce the burden of employees

  4. sir,
    Would you please design a software to give us plan fund expediture details (Implementing Officer wise )which can automatically update every entry of exp. Also these impl.officer wise exp should be added to give total exp. thus we get the percent of exp.
    Beena v.s.,Valapad Grama Panchayat, Thrissur(Dist)

  5. സര്‍,
    ഒരു ഓഫീസ് ഓര്‍ഡര്‍ മോഡല്‍ അയച്ച് തരിക

  6. T F VER 8 aanu download avunnathu 9 kittunnilla....

  7. I have rectified the problem. please Download the New Version.

  8. Sir,
    Please see the tr form preview. poc received - signature - portion is stepped to next page. What will do. If you don't mind please send me the unprotected version of this software so that I can customize to our needs. I am from Wayanad.
    Manoj kumar.K, Overseer Gr-II, Wayanad

  9. sir ,
    Please see change of the Head of accounts for new allotments for 2015-16

  10. Sir, please include in column 33 VAT deduction by DD also

  11. Sir please corrected TR 59C (TRESUURY USE IN FRONT PAGE)