Sunday, September 5, 2010


TAX ASSESSOR  is a New programme in Microsoft Excel for assessing the Property Tax based on annual rent. Govt. have directed to keep in abeyance the new property tax assessment system and follow the previous annual rent method for assessing the property tax . But the assessment of annual rent is a heavy task as it has no clear conditions.Here You can assess the annual rent based on the conditions approved by the govt. previously.
While opening the  file You have  three  work sheets  namely Home, Basic Data and Assessment Report. In Home sheet You will get a clear idea about this programme  Click on Basic data.. Enter the relevent details in the respective coloumns which are self explanatory. Enter the corresponding serial No. at the top. see the annual rent by computer validation.Roundoff the value to the next 100 and enter this amount in the assessed annual rent coloumn. The Corresponding Property Tax and Library cess are displayed. Click on the next sheet Assessment Report. Here you can see the report by the Section clerk . Take the print  and submit to the secretary for final approval. You can take the print of any report at any time by entering the corresponding serial in the Basic Data sheet.
 Maximum care has been taken for the accuracy of statements.  Any how the user should satisfy himself for the accuracy .If any discrepancy is noticed mail immediately  to and so we can correct the same in the next version
For downloading the programme please CLICK HERE.

If you have experience any problem or have any valuable suggessions please mail to  or dial to 9446242014  and leave your comments to the comment box below so that others can view your opinions

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  1. Good work!!

    Please arrange to create new software for assessing the building tax based on new g o 20/2011 dated 14/1/2011, together with the assessment register and other related registers as mentioned in the G.O.