Saturday, June 28, 2014


                                                       Presenting the New Version of Well known Excel Tool DSR Analizer Ver.16 incorporating the new cost index with effect from 26-03-2019  . In this  new version the approved observed datas by the Chief Engineers of  PWD ,IRRIGATION and  LSGD are included based on the new cost Index  with some corrections  .You can easily prepare the Observed data at any places based on the revised cost Index.Now the specification part of the DSR is in editable mode and so you can copy and paste the same for estimation purpose
                              Government have directed to implement the Public works using CPWD data and specification in all the Government departments.  All the DSR and MORD items are included in Excel format with  water charges and CP&OH charges . The contractors can quote the item rate of estimates based on this  rates and I think it will be very helpful to them.
                      While opening the file you can see twelve  sheets namely Home, Facing sheet ,Index, DAR , MORD , OD PWD, OD IRRIGATION, OD LSGD , OD MORD ,Quick reference , Basic Rates DAR and Basic Rates MORD  . In Home sheet You will get a clear idea about this programme . The second sheet is Facing sheet of DSR . The third sheet is Index and you can find out the DSR Rates  by clicking on the concerned item. The fourth and fifth sheets contains the abstract of DAR and MORD rates. The sixth , seventh   eighth  and nineth sheets contains the approved workout Oberved datas in PWD ,LSGD , IRRIGATION and MORD .Tenth sheet is a reference guide for selecting the different items in DAR and MORD. Eleventh and twelth are Basic rates of materials, Labours, Carriage and Market rates in DAR and MORD Specifications . You just enter the ID code of the place that you want to see the DSR 2016. ID Codes are given in the sheet itself. for example the ID code of Kollam is 4.
                              Please leave your comments and valuable suggestions to the comment box of Our Blog http// and even a small comment will boostup my efforts to do more.Please share this programme among the maximum Engineers in LSGD so that we can improve the quality of works.
                         Maximum care has been taken for the accuracy of this programme.  Any how the user should satisfy himself for the accuracy and the owner of this software will not responsible for any loss. If any discrepancy is noticed,  mail immediately  to and so we can correct the same in the next version.  If you have experience any problem or have any valuable suggestions please leave your comments to the comment box of Our Blog http// For downloading the programme please CLICK HERE


  1. how to get detailed work description with mentioned DSR codes (like 4.1.8)

  2. SIR

    1. DSR subhead 21.0, Use jindal or Hindalco sections.

  3. new cost index published ....sir please publish dsr ver 13

  4. sir please help me??
    i need a estimate of pond creation,only excavation of soil under nrega scheme.based on cpwd me sr .my gmail id

  5. sir pls send drain cleaning data

  6. how to add local basic rates as the sheet is password protected